Choreographic Works

CityScapes is a evening length production studying the aesthetic and essence of city culture.  This project focuses on the personification of four different cities (New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, and St. Louis).  Multiple exceprts are located on the CityScapes Page. 

Flexion explores movement for the sake of movement.  It is more about the freeing feeling of dance rather than focusing on a specific storyline.  Throughout the piece I use the bending and flexing of the body for inspiration.  

Strange new clothes (pictured above) was an experimental piece that blends technically trained dancers with two "non-dancers."  Overall, it was a very rewarding process and I learned a lot about how to communicate with non-dancers.  I solidified my view that with guidance and customized choreography, anybody can dance.  Anything is possible, so get out there and DANCE!